Celebrities and socialites a like use hair extensions to either have beautiful long locks or even volume.

Hair extensions are absolutely glamorous, adding volume and length or even just protecting damaged hair.


With the right type of hair extensions and the right expertise, you can look your best, and ultimately make any woman feel glamorous, that’s why so many women choose to get hair extensions.

Are you still undecided? That’s Okay

Let’s start with Sew in Extensions. (Sewn-in is braided method.)  One of my favorite technique.

Sew In extensions is when your natural hair is braided into cornrows to create a base for either Full head or Half head , then extensions are sewn in with a needle and cotton thread.


The best part of sewn in,

  • A day or 2 of feeling a bit uncomfortable knowing they are there if it’s your first time.
  • You can treat them just like your own hair and wash, dry or curl them accordingly. You can even dye or color them (just like your natural hair)
  • No need to re-apply every morning
  • Can be blended in with your own hair
  • Can be used to create ombre without coloring your own hair
  • You can do physical activities including sleeping, gym, swimming etc.
  •  Even high pony tails are possible (just like your natural hair)
  • Sew in hair extensions don’t slip. No worries about slippage, unless the braids get loose,(very rare)
  • Covers bald spots 
  • The hair is reusable if you get good quality hair extensions.
  • Sew in extensions are low maintenance and lasts up 4/6 weeks
  • Sew ins allows for you hair to get a break from everyday damage like Flat irons and daily brushing, which in return allows your hair to grow as well.

The best part it suits all types of hair types & texture, if they are applied correctly you will have instant Length or  Volume.


Now let’s talk About the Worst:


  • Your weave wasn't put on right and your tracks start to show,
  • If they are applied incorrectly the are damaging to your hair, then the hair starts to get pulled at the roots and you can destroy your hair follicle. 
  • If the braid is too tight, it can put a strain on your scalp and cause scabbing or hair fall-out
  • If the wefts are too heavy and the don’t match the density of the cornrow, it can pull hair and you can start having bold spots.
  • If the tracks of the cornrow are too big and they sew the hair on too thick and then the hair extensions look lumpy.
  • Sew-in should only be worn for 4-6 weeks at a time, it is necessary to retouch them often so that they look perfect.
  • If you use the wrong products that contain sulphate, paraben & alcohol ,the hair extensions will start to tangle, shed, or look unnatural.
  • If you don’t look after them they become tangled with some ease in the roots
  • If you have a sensitive scalp or suffer from migraines then we recommend you go for a Micro weft rather than a sew-in. 

I can’t stress this enough please note that the tightness of the braids is a very important factor. This can make your head hurt or feel like nothing at all. So the right application is necessary for comfortable extensions.


Would love to hear your comments below, if you have had sewn in extensions and what you thought about them,

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