You need hair that fits your lifestyle

Are you a clip and go gal

Whatever the reason may be, Clips- INS hair extensions provide a lot of people with a good healthy dose of confidence, either for length/volume and I love that about them.

This method is perfect for those who don’t want to make a long term commitment to extensions as they need to be removed daily.

If you don’t want to wear your hair extension on a daily basis, clip in hair extensions is a better option for you.

Clip-in hair extensions are hands down the cheaper option.


 The reason being, is that you aren’t dependent on an expensive hair Stylist to install the hair, since you can easily do them by yourself.

You also do not need to go in to get them adjusted as your hair grows. With great gentle care, your clip-in hair extensions will last up to 1 year or more.

Pros: Clip in hair extension could last a long time if used with proper care and maintenance
Cons: Clip in hair extensions cannot be attached to your own hair for long periods of time and must be removed before bedtime.

Not suitable for thin, fine hair as clips and base could be too bulky or heavy for the hair wearer.



Hair maintenance would be the difference between ratty, falling-out hair, and beautiful full hair.

As with anything, maintaining your clips in hair extensions with the utmost care is the secret to having damage free hair just like your natural hair.

To keep your hair extensions in great shape:

  1. Always use a sulfate, paraben free shampoo, and silicone free conditioner.
  2. To dry your wet hair, squeeze the hair gently and place on a towel overnight to air dry (this only applies to clip-ins).
  3. Never use a rat tail comb to detangle extensions, ever. That is asking for shedding galore which eventually can turn into tangles that grow into a matted mess.
  4. Use a detangle brush to brush out hair.
  5. Deep condition once a month to keep the hair moisturized and healthy.
  6. When using heat, be sure to use a good anti-heat serum or spray to protect the hair.
  7. Store the hair in an enclosed box or a satin bag to make sure nothing damages it (this only applies to clip-ins).


  1. Part your hair with a rat-tail comb  achieve the desired style
  2. Take your wider wefts that have more clips (for example, Rues Hair has 2 4-clip and 3-clip wefts) and install on the back of your head
  3. Clip the 2-clip and 1-clip wefts on the sides of your head
  4. Comb or brush to make sure wefts are not visible


Clip-ins do not take as long to install.

They also do not take as much care and steadiness of the hands either.

They can be done by yourself or by someone else. 

It can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes. 

If you're undecided on what style you want to try, then you can unclip, and part, then re-clip as desired.


What are your thoughts on Clip-ins??

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