Micro Weft Hair Extensions & Why They Work !!!

Micro Weft Hair Extensions & Why They Work !!!

Micro weft hair extensions can boost your confidence and even allow you to switch up your look,but the whole point of wearing them is so everyone thinks it's your own hair.



What makes these Micro Weft Extensions unique,is that  they  are applied without any use of chemicals, heat, glue or bond.

Using Silicone tiny beads using a loop creates a track clamping the beads with a pair of pliers to your natural hair, then a needle & thread is used to sew in the hair extensions.

If you suffer from Migraines or have sensitive scalp, this method is for you, everything happens very gently, quickly and exceptionally simple.

But if you have allergic reactions to metal, it’s worthwhile considering other methods.



Why micro weft hair extensions:

The beads are durable and made of a lightweight silicone lining that minimized the weight on the hair follicle.
Absence of any glue or bond makes Micro weft hair extensions totally safe for your hair

We double stitched, meaning they’re durable and will last  4/6 weeks. It’s important that you have your beaded weft extensions maintained. Your hair is growing, which will loosen the beaded weft over time. 

When you remove the extensions, the wefts are removed with a sharp scissors & the beads are opened up and your natural hair slides out, without breaking or pulling it out.
Your hair remains more bouncy and natural due to attachment.

They are more durable than most other types and lye much flatter.
These extensions can be applied in an hour.

Additionally they are reusable and versatile in hair styling the remain gentle on your hair

you can style them like your own hair. While other  hair extensions require you to not apply any heat near the bonds or tape, micro weft extensions are completely fine with the heat.

The great thing about beaded weft hair extensions is that you can experiment with different hair colors, the give you the flattering look that you want without having to wait for the color to wash out if you change your mind later.

Lastly & most important micro weft extensions are not one size fits all,it’s all about experimenting and finding out what works best for you.

There are a variety of hair extensions wefts that will provide you with varying thicknesses, depending on how much hair your hair can hold.

Swank Hair Extensions Perth we can incorporate extensions that match both your current hair texture and a good compromise on the hair thickness you’re striving for.

Do you have any questions on Micro Weft hair extensions ?

Have you ever had them done ?

I would love to hear from you or if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask comment below 

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