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CELINE,A Blend of Classic Sophistication and Modern Flair, Natural Black Lace Front Wig

CELINE,A Blend of Classic Sophistication and Modern Flair, Natural Black Lace Front Wig

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Introducing the epitome of elegance with a twist – Swank Hair's Natural Black Lace Front Wig, now available with chic bleached roots. This unique combination brings together the timeless allure of natural black hair with a contemporary edge, ideal for fashion enthusiasts who love to make a statement.

Key Features:

  • Elegant Natural Black Tone: The deep, rich natural black hue of this wig exudes a sense of classic beauty, perfect for both everyday looks and special occasions.

  • Stylish Bleached Roots: The subtly bleached roots add a modern and stylish contrast, offering a unique twist to the conventional black wig and ensuring you stand out with an on-trend look.

  • Premium Human Hair Craftsmanship: Constructed with 100% human hair, this wig not only looks luxurious but also feels wonderfully natural. The silky, soft texture ensures comfort and a realistic appearance.

  • Flawless Lace Front Design: Featuring a transparent lace front, this wig guarantees a natural-looking hairline. The lace blends seamlessly with your skin, creating the illusion of hair growing directly from your scalp.

  • Pre-Plucked with Baby Hairs: Adding to its natural charm, this wig includes a pre-plucked hairline and baby hairs around the forehead, enhancing the authenticity of your look.

  • Ideal Length and Volume: Measuring 14 inches and weighing 150 grams, this wig offers a versatile and manageable length, perfect for those seeking style without the hassle of extra weight.

  • Customizable for Your Unique Style: Recognizing the importance of personal taste, this wig to fit your individual style and preferences perfectly.

Delivery Details:

  • Custom Order Timeline: Please allow up to 3 weeks for the meticulous creation and delivery of your custom wig. We are committed to ensuring each wig is crafted with precision and care, offering you a piece that exceeds expectations.

Elevate Your Look with Swank Hair's Natural Black Lace Front Wig with Bleached Roots.

Order now and experience the perfect fusion of timeless elegance and modern style, crafted just for you!

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